Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Design*Sponge scholarship

When I was a wee college student, I switched majors from secondary education with emphasis in math to graphic design. Back then, when I relayed this plan to people, they often looked at me with a combination of pity and condescension. To them, I think, majoring in art meant a lifetime of Ramen, dinky apartments, paint up to the elbows and just scraping by. I knew better (after all, I was part of the new wave of students designers working primarily on computer) and pursued my career undaunted, but it's sad to think that had I not, the day job I have now (and really like) would be someone else's.

Oh, but times, they've changed. Now, wonderful things like Etsy exist to encourage those of us with artistic ilks, and the myriad of online communities and blogs that support and foster those ilks is staggering and (I think you'll agree) wonderful. One such blog is Design*Sponge, (of which I'm an avid reader). Poking around today, I came across this: the Design*Sponge Scholarship. The money won't pay your tuition, but it will help with the mind-boggling expense of studying art at an educational institution. So if you're interested, check it out! The deadline is May 2nd, so you have a little over a full month to get your ducks in a row and that cash in your pocket.

Seriously, had something like this been around when I was in school, I would've hopped on it in an instant. So take advantage of the support that's out there. People love that you love making stuff, and they want to help you keep loving it.

Cheers and best of luck!

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