Monday, August 31, 2009

I do

My hubs, Ron, is an internet-ordained minister. By default, this means I get to attend lots of weddings. I consider this another reason I think he and I were meant to be, 'cause man oh man, do I love a wedding. They're so different, yet steeped in tradition. And at the heart of everything are two people who love each other so much, there's nothing left to do but join together forever.

Yesterday we attended a tiny ceremony in a bride's parents' house in Leelanau County. Against the afternoon light coming through an arched window overlooking a sunny valley, I watched Ron unite two very lovely people. We all then went out for an intimate dinner at a cozy French restaurant, then met for after-dinner cocktails at a bar in downtown TC. So nice.

The following is a pic from our wedding ... about 15 minutes before we got married. I had so much fun that day. So much fin, in fact, that I couldn't sleep that night or the next just thinking about it all. Sigh.

Photo by Todd Zawistowski.

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