Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Etsy Tuesday: Color of the Year

If you poke around design and decor blogs like I do, you're likely to already have heard that Pantone has named it's color of the year ... Turquoise! Farbeit for me to doubt Pantone's color omniscience, but wasn't turquoise 1986's color of the year? Heh.

Jokes aside, I love turquoise ... a lot. I've worked it into the decor of every apartment or house I've lived in, present bungalow not excluded. Turquoise dishes and jewelry abound around here. And, no kidding, I'm wearing a turquoise cardigan as I type this. I just never get sick of it. Ever. So thanks, Pantone, for validating my permanent color sense. At least this year.

In honor of Pantone's (ahem) wise decision, this Etsy Tuesday is Turquoise Tuesday. Jump on the trendy train, y'all!

1. Heirloom baby blanket from Jewelweeds
2. Woodgrain zipper pouch from MadameCupcake
3. Enamel servers from The Best Things
4. 50s cropped wool jacket by fembotvintage
5. Bouquet Bib Necklace from tomgirl
6. Porcelain Tray by Lyn Swan of clayswan

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