Monday, February 15, 2010

'Round here

I'm back! Well, sort of. Mostly back. Still chugging away at freelance but a little more available this week. I'm hoping to sneak in a few TBT listings and blog posts between listings.

I thought you'd like to see what Ron and I have been up to in my absence. As I mentioned, we've been working on our wee one's nursery. Before that, it was a walk-in closet and before that it was an office. And once, back in the thirties when the house was built, it was an itty bitty bedroom, large enough for only a twin bed and a nightstand.

A mobile I made out of an Eames House of Cards deck and a mobile skeleton I got from a friend for my 30th birthday. (Thanks, Lynda!)

Our refurbed dressers. The one on the left just had its shelf installed in the top and still has to be painted white. That cardboard and matting contraption you see on the top is the innards of a custom-made changing pad I'll be covering with oilcloth.

The closet, more stocked every day.

A midcentury, bent plywood rocker I snagged at Goodwill a looong time ago. The back needs reattaching and the seat reupholstering. The fabric folded on the seat is intended for that.

Shelf constructed and installed by my wonderful husband.

As you can see, it's a work in progress, but I'm thrilled with what we accomplished in just a couple days. I have this weird fear that my belly's going to get out-of-control huge and I won't be able to do anything I want/need to do. So as you can imagine, having the nursery painted allayed my fear a bit. And for the record: I am in love with this gold. It's bright, but not too bright. Warm, but not suffocating. I only hope our little bean loves it, too.


  1. Kelly, I remember crab walking around the flower bed in our front yard in Shaker Heights, trying to get the spring annuals in before my daughter arrived and working around my belly! Your nest looks lovely. I have a couple sets of those fab cards. One from my childhood and an oversized set my daughter received at Christmas from her cartoonist Dutch uncle. Love what you've done with them.

  2. Kelly- The babies room looks amazing! Every little detail is so you. June is going to love it I am sure. I wish I could be as crafty as you. Maybe next time I will have to hire you to design my baby's room.


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