Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Etsy Tuesday: Spring Walks

Spring has officially sprung in northern Michigan, and Ron and I have been walking Linden in the evenings. It's not super warm yet, so we bundle up a little bit. And sometimes (like the time we walked along the bay), we take hot cups of coffee for extra warmth.

Strolling our streets makes me feel so much more connected to our little city, and it seems Ron and I always talk about bigger, grander, happier things when we're out in the fresh air.

In fact, I've been so inspired by our family walks that I thought I'd dedicate this week's Etsy collage to them. I threw in a little gear and a couple spring icons. Hope you like!


1. Grey windbreaker from tinygirl
2. Spring leaf earrings by mottedesign
3. Wrist zips from Foliage
4. Bird dish by personalizedceramics
5. Ballet flats from The Generation
6. Granny cowl by kngo

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