Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Weekend!

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Hey everyone! Got any big plans for the weekend? We'll be laying low, but my father-in-law is so graciously coming up north to help us install a larger nursery window. Right now, should a fire occur, both windows are only big enough to toss a baby through, which is no good. Ideally, we'd like one big enough for an adult to climb through should (god forbid) the need arise. Nesting, nesting.

Speaking of which, I plan to sew and organize my heart out for the next couple days. On the docket: a baby gift for an also pregnant friend and curtains for the nursery.

Oh, on a sidenote: Have you tried Space Bags®? I am in love. We packed all our winter linens, winter clothes, and future baby clothes into four, tightly sealed bags that I feel comfortable storing in our musty basement. Plus, sucking the air of the bag and your stuff until all that's left is a dense fabric mass is pretty fun.

I'll be back on Monday, a more organized and accomplished lady. Until then, won't you enjoy these sweet finds from around the web?

This is everywhere in the blogosphere, but I have to mention it, too. Check out this non-weddingy courthouse wedding.

House within a house

You're the only one who's ever thought of doing that. ;)

This house reminds me of the Kalkabin, which was also once a pole building.

Top 100 baby names of 2010 (so far)

Grecian tunic top tutorial

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Sculptures made of cake. Mmmm cake.

Send someone a bear hug

Make and record music by clicking raindrops

Gorgeous, organic rings


  1. Oh, no! Alice didn't even make the list of popular names when we had our Alice. Now it has climbed to #7! I blame Tim Burton.

  2. That list is semi-surprising! If it's any consolation, I'm fairly confident June will be there soon enough. At least they aren't re-releasing "Walk the Line" this year. ;)


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