Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy weekend!

Crayon carvings of football superstars for the World Cup by Diem Chau. Photo courtesy Craft Magazine. Read more here.

Happy weekend, my friends! Got any big plans? I'm just waiting to go into labor, watching the World Cup with Ronaldino, designing a friends baby shower invites (she's having twin girls in just a couple months!) and embroidering some animals. I'm not gonna lie. This overdue baby situation is pretty agonizing. Thankfully, I have distracting things like this blog, my design work and sewing projects to keep me occupied until that little squirmy meatloaf in my belly decides it's time to join us on the outside.

See y'all next week (maybe with a baby?). Until then, here are a few of my favorite finds from around the web recently:

An “Eat Seasonably” calendar. Handy!

A church pew headboard

Can't stop listening to this song by The National … and this song by Band of Horses

A family photographs themselves each year from 1976 to the present. See the results here

A transparent iron!

We are so making these recycled bottle torches for our patio

Pointillism in crayons

Cutest. Tourism Bureau. Video. Ever.

Midcentury time capsule found in London

Quiches in cups!

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  1. That Iceland video is the best thing I've seen in a minute! I had to watch it twice... and then look up how much a flight to Iceland costs. :) Thanks for posting!


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