Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deer me

It's spring, and the creatures, they are about. Living where we do, we get to see a lot of really beautiful animals. I used to live on a creek in the middle of the city and got to see some really special things. For example, a pheasant walking down the sidewalk, a blue heron staring at me while I washed dishes, a muskrat building his nest, salmon running, and a herd of deer that visited our backyard nightly. I loved it all. Truth is, I loved it so much that since I moved away from that creek, I started to build a wildlife sanctuary that could travel with me. We're now a little further from open land (and deeper in to the 'hood), but our house is full of deer. Bookends, paintings, figurines ... it may be getting a little out of control. If you've visited our Etsy shop, you've seen a couple deer listed that I've talked myself into parting with, but it's always a little tough, and I'm always on the lookout for more little deer friends. So I've listed a couple here (pictured above) that I've been coveting. Perhaps you can purchase them and I'll live vicariously through you.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: 1. Knit deer head by erachel 2. Baby deer photo by Sharon Montrose 3. Happy Ending Embroidery by marysgranddaughters 4. Wildlife T-shirt from Threadless 5. Deer photo from Urban Outfitters

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