Friday, March 20, 2009

Saturday songs

"Librarian" by My Morning Jacket
About a crush on a librarian. And shyness. And wanting to do something, but doing something entirely different. It's lovely in a heartbreaking, intense yet sweet, 70s folk way. Plus, the word "interweb" is used. Makes my insides twist. Find it here and see what your insides do.

"The Great Defector" by Bell X1
On the way to my husband's birthday celebration, we heard this band on NPR's World Cafe. "The Great Defector" sounds like the Talking Heads and makes me tap my feet, no matter how glum I feel. I especially like the lyric about the underwire bra setting off the x-ray machine. Something about an Irish man saying "bra" makes me really happy (ahem). Aaaanyhoo, you can find the song on this page and make your own judgments about Irish men and bras.

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