Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dudes. I've been lax and I know it, but I have excuses! I turned 30 (yikes!) and my brother traveled cross-country to celebrate with me. Fun times were had. Good beer was enjoyed. I got a new camera courtesy of my super husband. Hey, did you know I share a birthday with this femme fatale?
I'm not a "this day in history" kind of gal, but I particularly enjoy that I have the same birthday as Ms. Holiday. Speaking of which, you may have noticed the recent revamping of the shop. Slowly but surely, I'm putting each beloved object through the photo shoot process yet again. So far, I'm pretty happy with the results and am looking forward to listing all the new stuff I've acquired while catching up.

And that, my friends, must be that for today, but I'll leave you with a couple things I'm digging this week:

This band: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and its adorable lead singer, Mette.

This beer: Bell's Hopslam Ale

This blog: Inspiration Resource

This brother:

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