Monday, June 22, 2009

Ooh la la

Friends, I want to talk to you about lingerie ... and not the cheap business you can get at any department store or Victoria's Secret. Oh no. I want to talk to you about the high end, luxurious, sexy-when-sexy-wasn't-showing-everything-you've-got, second-skin kinda lingerie.

Vintage lingerie (or ling-er-ee) has been a secret love of mine for years. In this little Bargalow, I have a drawer stuffed with slips and hand-sewn lovelies I've inherited, collected, and simply can't part with. And though it's way too cold in this house to break the out the lingeree in the winter unless I'm reinforced with wool on every other inch of my body, in the summer, a babydoll peignor set isn't out of the ordinary, nor is it ill-advised. Have you worn a vintage babydoll peignor set? It's almost like you're wearing nothing. Highly recommended.

That being said, my friend and fellow vintage lover, Lorraine, has recently opened an Etsy shop devoted to aforementioned second-skin lingerie. She has an keen eye for feminine detail, a sensitivity to vintage fabric, and a commitment to making her customers happy. If you're looking for something to make you feel like a true lady, I strongly suggest you check out her shop. It's cleverly named I see France, and currently stocked with a handful of lovelies to lounge around and feel sexy in.

Ooh la la, my friends. Ooh la la.

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