Monday, June 22, 2009

We do the walk of life

It's finally summer here in Traverse City. It's sticky-hot, it smells awesome (today on my bike home, I simultaneously smelled motor oil and roses ... so wonderful), and people are walking around in what might as well be underwear. In celebration, yesterday evening, Linden and I went to the post office to ship out a bunch of treasures, then hit the beach for a stroll. Turns out, what I thought was a dog-friendly beach is not any longer. Also turns out Lindy's afraid of waves (we broke the rules). I'm disappointed because I had visions of him frolicking in the Lake Michigan surf, happier than he's ever been in his life, but the sight of him cowering from the waves was pretty endearing and made up for the fact he won't be fulfilling my summer dog dreams. Oh Linden—he's huge, but he's a marshmallow ... pretty easy to love.

Dogs are allowed to walk the trail along the beach, so we did, with a pit stop at Open Space, a patch of grass on the shore of west Grand Traverse Bay. I shot this pic while Linden was observing the bunch of teenagers flirting on a blanket a few feet away from us.

And this pic while he was observing the bay. He is ridiculous, no?

Before we took our walk, I was pondering how I was going to carry my essentials with dog in tow while wearing a mod dress with no pockets. So I went Etsying (as I'm wont to do when a new need strikes), and found this, a secret stash wrist cuff from Bluepie Originals in my favorite color ... green:

It's really a zippered pouch and is large enough to hold what I need (house and car keys, ID, debit card) while still wearing what I want to wear. I bought it right away and am so looking forward to using it. I just know I'm going to feel soooo clever.

If you're one of the dog-walking, utilitarian-object-loving ilk like myself, I suggest you check Deb's creations out. She has many more cuffs available for purchase and she's super nice. AND she's donating 20% of her profits to the New Jersey ASPCA. An admirable move, methinks.

Here's to many more summer walks and dog adventures.

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