Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Weekend

photo via carbonated

Happy New Year! It's 2010 ... yahoo! Perhaps it's because I'm growing a person right now and (fingers crossed) 2010 will be the year of their birth, but this year seems more full of promise and positive change than the last. And though being pregnant has rid me of most of my vices (save for my love of carbs), I am resolving to be better at correspondence this year. Let's see how I do.

I'll be back on Monday with lots of new TBT merch to show you, but for now, I leave you with some awesome things from around the interweb:

Mustachioed mugs

Have you heard of Marushka?

I have to admit, this site comforts me

Just like Holly Golightly's

Make no mistake about the style of these shoes

I'm thinking about getting this haircut. What do you think?

Cutest. Baby Blanket. Ever.

Know what I love more than Charley Harper? Free Charley Harper high-res downloads.

Make your own natural fascinators

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