Thursday, December 31, 2009

'Round here

New Year's Eve y'all! Ron and I are heading downstate to spend the evening with family and friends and we're both really really excited about it. What kind of plans do you have?

There's not much new to report this week, as we've spent the week catching up from Christmas/preparing for New Year's Eve. It seems as though I've been running around and not accomplishing much, though my exhaustion at the end of each day is evidence for the contrary.

Lately, there's nothing I like to do more at the end of a long, rambling day than settle into the sofa under a wool blanket, watch BBC miniseries, and crochet my face off. I think I mentioned before that I've been making cowls, and I have so many now that I'd like to take photos of them and start selling them on kngo. But we've had bad weather this week, and bad weather = bad light for product photos, so it looks like their debut will have to be postponed until next week. Sigh.

Here they are, next to the paperwhites Ron won for having the most awesome sweater at our friends' Christmas party, just waiting for their chance to shine. Look for them in kngo very soon.

And until tomorrow, here's hoping you have a wonderful New Year's Eve full of good things. Be safe!

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