Monday, December 21, 2009

Nursery prints

I was just perusing Etsy with the baby in mind (as usual), and realized that we kinda NEED original artwork for the nursery. After all, they're the first pictures our little bean will be stuck staring at, and it only makes sense to try and develop a little eclectic taste at the earliest age possible, right? Here are my faves thus far. Looking at them, it seems I have a penchant for endearing animals ... who knew? ;)

Matte Stephen's (of MatteArt) Rooster School Bus

Fernanda Frick's (of The Thumb Cinema) Little King of the Jungle

Mati Rose (of SuspectShoppe) Lucky little Light Blue Elephant

Whaddya think? Know of any Etsians we and our bean might like?

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