Monday, January 11, 2010

New in the Shop!

Well, not really in the shop, but in a shop of mine ... my art & graphic design store: kngo. ;)

Here's the scoop! I finally listed all my cowls. :) They're $30, come in a stunning variety of color combos, and are great for any season. In fact, because I use mostly acrylic yarn, you can snug up with one doubled up around your neck until the snow melts, then drape it over a tee or tank in the spring and summer. I made one for myself (of course) and I pretty much wear it nonstop. I wonder if Ron's getting sick of seeing me in it ...

At TBT, you'll find some new and very lovely treasures this week. I'm dedicating much of today to photographing and listing my finds from last week's treasure hunt, so stay tuned!

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