Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Etsy Tuesday: Ice cream stands

This week's Etsy Tuesday is inspired by our local ice cream stands, Bardon's Wonder Freeze (on the East side) and Dairy Lodge (on the West). They are both open for the season and I couldn't be happier. You see, our baby is making me crave ice cream, and nothing satisfies me like a cherry dipped vanilla cone, to be gotten only at the brightly painted, sticky-sidewalked ice cream stands on our city's urban corners.

I know. There's nothing more cliché than a pregnant lady and her ice cream, but who am I to ignore the little meatloaf growing inside me? Maybe next time, I'll even waddle up to the counter while clutching my back ... why fight it?

ETSY TUESDAY - sherbet

1. Ice cream print by CassiaBeck
2. Belly dance sandals from bellacaribe
3. Vintage sunglasses from philopatry
4. Sherbet dress from thebestthings
5. Wild Rose Lip Balm from phoenixbotanicals
6. Petal Wristlet Bag by stacyleigh

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