Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Etsy Tuesday: Longing for the Lodge

Late January in northern Michigan seems to be the quietest of winter, when the skies are gray and everyone is settling into the stretch of the season. Usually, I get in the mood to nest this time of year; My baking's up, things are getting organized, and I'm planning for things to come. Though this is true and I'm looking forward to a fresh spring and new baby in the summer, I'm also longing to relish in this winter quietude, preferably at the Olrich family cabin. But, seeing as though the roads to said Kalkabin are seasonal and thus impassable without a plow truck, I had to channel my longing into this week's Etsy Tuesday. Hope it leaves you feeling lodgy.

1. Sign by Birdhousesandbuds
2. Blue Flower Maria Dress by Julia Fredenburg
3. Antlers from High Street Market
4. Black walnut bowl by makye77
5. Plaid jacket from The Best Things
6. Snow, Rose and Bear print from theblackapple

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