Friday, May 21, 2010

'Round here

Things are in full swing. We've had beautiful and unseasonably warm weather up here, the lilacs are bloomin' and I'm about to pop. Our due date is June 8th, so technically, our little one is now full-term and could come any day now. As a result, I'm starting to feel supremely pregnant, which is causing a final push of productivity before the baby's born and, conversely, the constant desire to lay on the couch. As you can imagine, this is a little frustrating, but I am not without projects that marry those two things. Take, for example the picture below:

Recently, when cleaning out the basement for our yard sale, I found an old store of fabric and embroidery pieces I'd done about five years ago. Not one to let anything go unused and knowing that I had a stockpile of pastel fabrics to complement the old stash, I decided to make a quilt ... a quilt that isn't perfect by any means (there are a couple real crazy mistakes here and there) but all in all, I'm quite happy with. It was actually supposed to be the baby and my outdoor blanket, but after putting so many hours of work into it, I've decided to use another blanket for the outdoors and keep this one in.

Other than that, I've been campaigning for vendors for the first annual Traverse City Makers Market, an indie craft fair I'm co-spearheading. We need applications, so if you're reading this, are a crafter and live nearby, or just want to come to a beautiful resort town on what is essentially a freshwater ocean for a weekend in September and make some money too, consider applying. You can find the application and further information here. Or fan us on facebook for updates!

And I guess that's it, my friends. To stay true to my blogging vow made earlier this week, I'm off to compile my list of favorite internet finds and perhaps, if I feel there's room enough in my torso, have lunch.

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